In accordance with the high and heterogeneous skills of the staff of the Innovative Start-Up ATHENA Green Solutions S.r.l. (Advanced TecHnologies for Enviromental and SustaiNable Applications) the business idea is to develop a multifunctional and multidisciplinary reality that can, with different operational and scientific approaches, satisfy all the demands of the market and therefore the different commercial outlets.

Specifically, ATHENA Green Solutions S.r.l., a spin-off operating in the sector of Environmental Technologies through sustainable management of resources and innovative solutions, will have purely research and development and service lines of action.

The methodology proposed at the base of the business idea is based on the development of innovative hybrid materials, based on the use of waste and non-waste materials (e.g. clays), following synthetic modifications (of the same) environmental friendly (i.e. without any impact environmental) and eco-sustainable (i.e. with low energy expenditure and heat dispersion into the environment).