The product idea is the result of a previous scientific collaboration between Dr. MR Plutino (ISMN-CNR of Palermo c / o Dip ChiBioFarAm-UniMe), Dr. S. Cappello (IRBIM-CNR of Messina) and Dr. G. Sabatino (Dept. of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences, MIFT of the University of Messina), and is based on a synergistic and independent development within the research activity of the individual operating units.

This Innovative Start-up was born from an entrepreneurial project, ARGINARE (more information is available at the link:, which participated in a diversified stratup competitions (see Awards page).

The members of ATHENA Green Solutions S.r.l. are researchers working in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences and Physics used in the field of materials, chemical synthesis, fundamental and applied microbiology, environmental recovery, and the study of marine resources in general and which have long been linked together by a consolidated scientific collaboration.

In particular, thanks to the multidisciplinary and integrated skills of the proponents, it is expected that research, development, monitoring, production, management, market analysis and fund raising activities will be carried out within the company established as a joint and non-participated spin-off with the National Research Council (CNR) and UniMe.

Maria Rosaria Plutino, Spin-off Founder (Scientific Responsible), researcher of the Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials (ISMN-CNR, Palermo c / o Dip. ChiBioFarAm, UniME), deals with the design, synthesis and structural study of hybrid functional nanomaterials and nanocomposites, based on functional polymers and nanofillers, with applications in optoelectronics, sustainable manufacturing, nanotechnologies, sensing, catalysis, environmental remediation and biomedicine.

Simone Cappello, Spin-off Founder (Technical Director, Marketing Manager), CNR researcher at the Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies (IRBIM) of Messina, mainly deals with applied microbiology aimed at the recovery of contaminated areas (bioremediation) and the development and design of “green technology” systems to be applied for environmental remediation.

Giulia Rando, Spin-off Founder (IT Director, Web Manager), is a PhD student in Chemical Sciences at UniMe. The proponent has recently obtained a Master’s Degree in Chemical Sciences at the Univ. of the Messina Studies with a thesis in the field of innovative advanced materials.

Salvatore Magaz├╣, Spin-off Founder, full professor of Experimental Physics at the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences (MITF-UniMe), expert in spectroscopic techniques.

Giuseppe Sabatino, Spin-off Founder (Chief Operating Officer, Financial Manager), technician graduated from the Dept. of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences (MITF-UniMe), is the technical-scientific manager of the Geochemistry and Mineralogy laboratories (obtained ASN 2012 in sector A4 / A1-GEO 09); mainly deals with the identification and mineralogical characterization of clayey raw materials, as precursors of geopolymers for applications in the construction sector and in the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.